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To those who spend most of their waking hours under the harsh glow of fluorescent bulbs, surrounded by even brighter, tiny screens filled with constant scrolling, swiping, “liking,” judging…

Is that the story you want to tell?

Our story started a similar way. Bored by the monotony of technology, feeling surprisingly disconnected, rather than more connected. Then, it hit us. A simple solution. The simplest solution.

Go outside.

And it’s not just us. There’s plenty of science to back it up. Something as simple as taking a walk in the woods can improve blood pressure, boost mental health, and decrease cancer risk.

Being outside, gathering around campfires, telling stories – it’s a tradition as old as humankind. And it’s why Bucker Trading Co. exists. Connecting with others is in our nature, and stories are our currency.

We trade you outdoor tips and insider info, so you can work on your own story.
We connect you with the people behind some of the best outdoor gear.

We inspire you by sharing what inspires us and what inspires the folks we partner with.

We get you geared up for any outdoor excursion.

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re trekking the AT or firing up a Friday night bonfire in the backyard.

What matters is enjoying fresh air around you. Almost as much as the fresh perspective it provides you.

30-Day Free Returns

If you don’t love it, it’s simple to send back.

Independently Sourced

No mass production here. Just finely crafted and curated goods.

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We love this gear so much, we'll get it to you for free when you spend more than $75. 

Bucker Journal

Allow Us to e-Introduce Ourselves

We love exploring because exploring expands our horizons.

Sometimes, quite literally. Like when we hop on a trail without knowing where it goes, only to reveal an amazing view after a long day of hiking. 

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