Grandmas Are The Best

When Nathan Lee Allen quit his corporate job about a year ago to pursue his passion of outdoor photography full time, he received a handwritten note from his grandma. 

Inside the card were the words, "Get busy living."

It has been Nathan's mantra ever since. And today, we're excited to announce a new collection we've been busy creating with him. 

Nathan's a fellow who views the world differently. Maybe it's his Kentucky roots that taught him to appreciate nature. Maybe it's because he spends his days admiring the world from a viewfinder until he finds the perfect moment in time to capture. Maybe it's just who he is and who he'll always be. 

So with his help, we're launching custom sweatshirts and buffs to honor some of the states battling forrest fires. Sales from this collection support One Tree Planted.

Browse the collection here and check out Nathan Lee Allen's photography here.