3 Hacks for Breakfast While Camping

Bucker Brand Breakfast Hacks for Camping

Camping’s all about getting out into the wild. Wandering around. Breathing in. Shouting out. Point is, the last thing we’re thinking about when we’re loading up for a weekend getaway is breakfast. Until the next morning when we’re thinking about breakfast.

Maybe it’s just an “us” problem. But on the off chance it’s not, we wanted to share the breakfast hacks we’ve learned over the years.


Bucker Brand BioLite Portable Grill Camp Stove

1. Invest in a trustworthy portable grill setup.
We sound like our dads lecturing about tailgate etiquette. Apologies. But BioLite’s Portable Grill and CampStove are far from old-school. In fact, they’re so forward thinking, it’s hard to keep up with them. Founders Jonathan and Alec met at Smart Design in NYC, quickly bonded over their interest in sustainable design, and haven’t looked back since. Their CampStove not only fires up the Portable Grill. It also creates energy to charge your phone or power a light. All you need are some twigs to get this thing going, but they also sell premium hardwood pellets that come with a fire starter. And when it comes to the first meal of the day, simpler is better.


Bucker Brand Enamelware Emalco

2. Enamelware is for anywhere.
If you haven’t been initiated into the enamelware world yet, allow us the honors. Enamelware is made from all kinds of stuff – metal, aluminum, cast iron in some cases. And it’s lined with porcelain, which makes it the easiest thing to clean. We repeat. The easiest thing to clean. Emalco is even dishwasher safe. It’s light. It’s durable. It can go from kitchen to campsite back to kitchen back to campsite. So, it takes your dollar incredibly far. Figuratively and literally. We use the pan for eggs all the time. It might seem weird at first, putting your eggs in a… saucepan. But it beats trying to contain a runny egg over heat on the uneven land of wherever you end up for the night. We’ve even used an enamel mug for morning beans. Gasp!


3. Coffee is for campers.
We’re kinda caffeine freaks. We dipped our toe into the coffee roaster game and immediately and willingly dove into the deep end. So even when we’re camping, we like good coffee. In fact, good coffee gets even better when drunk with the sunrise in our humble opinions. We bring a French-press style setup on the road. The handle of this one unscrews for ultimate pack-ability, which is why we love it.

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