VSSL First Aid Kit

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This ain’t the first aid kit we grew up with. This one’s made from military grade aluminum and packs all the essential outdoor first aid tools into a 9-inch tall, 2-inch wide tube. There’s a light on one end and a compass on the other. And inside, you’ll find a neatly rolled-up kit of everything you need for an adventure.

 Buckle up for all the deets. Here’s what’s in this VSSL.

  • Oil-filled Precision Compass
  • Reliable Operating Temperature 14ºF to +122ºF (-10°C to +50°C)
  • 1 Roll of Adventure Tape
  • 4 Large Bandages
  • 4 Knuckle Bandages
  • 2 Packs of 3M Steri-Strips
  • 2 Disposable Thermometers
  • 4 Antiseptic Towelettes
  • 1 Pack of Celox Hemostatic Agent
  • 2 Antibiotic Cream Packs
  • 1 Mask
  • 1 Whistle
  • 1 Pair of Tweezers
  • 4 Safety Pins
  • 1 Large Gauze Pad
  • 1 Pair of Medical Gloves
  • Blister Pads
  • 200 Lumens LED Light (Flood Beam)
  • 4 Lighting Modes: Bright, Dim, Red, SOS
  • Up to 40 Hours of Burn Time
  • Waterproof

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