Outdoor Element Kodiak Survival Paracord Bracelet

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Look at your wrist. What's there?

What's probably not there is a bracelet that doubles as a fire starter, fishing line holder, and more. The Kodiak Survival Paracord Bracelet from Outdoor Element stores fire tinder, extra nylon cord, 2 lines of 20-pound fishing line, and a #8 bait hook. All inside this braided rope bracelet. 

The best part? The buckle doubles as a fire starter. Simply use the striker plate and the middle prong to create sparks. Pro Tip: The striker plate can also be used as an emergency reflector.

Basically, this wrist piece is what James Bond would wear if he went camping. 

Measure around your wrist.
-Medium: 6.38-7.38 Inches
-Large: 7.38-8.38 Inches